Tuesday, August 28, 2012

News article

The big volcano Tungurahua in Ecuador has the last couple of days been spewing out large clouds of ash and vapor. According to the news the clouds from the volcano are already 2.8 miles high. People living in the city Banos 49 miles away can see and hear the outburst. It is also observed falling lava rocks along the volcano. In 1999 the volcano started erupting, but a week ago the authorities raised the security from moderate to high because of the aggressive activity. When the volcano started exploding October in 1999 as much as 15 000 people had to leave their home and were not able to return before a year later.

Ecuador is a representative democratic republic in South America. The country is bordered to Columbia and Peru, and it lies east for the Pacific Ocean. The country has an area of 275,830km2, and the capital is Quito. 94% of the people living there speaks Spanish. The country has a population on 15,223,680 people Ecuador has in total 30 volcanos, and Tungurahua is one of these. In 1830 the country became independent after being a part of the Spanish colonial empire.

I chose to write about this case because it looked interesting in my point of view. In addiction I do not think so many choose this news article. I did not know so much about the country either.

I tried all the monolingual English dictionaries, and I found two which I liked the best. Some had a disorganized site and some were a little difficult to understand. Therefore http://www.merriam-webster.com/ and http://www.wordreference.com were the best sites in my opinion. I liked those because of all the different examples and the synonym words. The sites were also well organized and you could listen to how they pronounce the word you searched for. 


  1. I agree with you, always interesting to write about a place you don't know much about. Will be interesting to see if it stops or if it goes on and gets more dangerous for the people living in the vicinity. I agree with you those two dictionaries look good.

  2. Great blog! I really like the picture you choose and the news are interesting. I can see why you choose to write about it. Maybe you could put in a map to show were Ecuador is, or another picture.