Saturday, December 1, 2012

The 11th hour and different ways of taking notes

This week in English class we watched a movie called "The 11th Hour". The movie is a documentary about the difference problems we have on planet earth today. The 11th Hour came out in 2007 and it's created, produced and narrated by including Leonardo DiCaprio. 

You could learn a lot from the documentary and it told you many interesting and important facts. Unfortunately a little of the English were a bit complicated I think. Some of the things from the movie I knew from before, but I learned many new things as well. Did you know that the worst scenario for the earth is to become like the planet Venus? Then nobody would survive because of the extremely high temperature. Also, did you know the sunlight we got for about 2000 year ago was the only sun we could use? We didn't have oil, gas, coal, fossil fuel etc. In addition, did you know that without the greenhouse effect the average temperature on the planet earth would be -18 Celsius? Now, because of the greenhouse effect the average temperature is 33 degrees higher, on total +15 Celsius. Because of this I guess we could say that the greenhouse effect has saved our lives.


While we’re watching this movie we tried 3 different ways of taking notes. The first one was to take notes with a pen and a paper. I didn't like this method that much because it took so long time to write it all, and I hadn't enough time. The second one was to take notes on the computer and share it in a Google doc document. With this method it became a little buzz because of all the people writing at the same time. The third and last method was writing notes on your computer in a word document or an OneNote document. This method I liked the best. When I’m practicing for a test, I always write notes on my computer, because in this way I learn the most. 

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  1. Yes you agree with most of the students in class! It is a good thing to take notes and use it when you are practicing for a test. Perhaps we could would on the Google doc in different way.