Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Project in class

In class this week we started working on our in-depth project in groups of two. Katinka and I started writing about different ways to collaborate with an easy explanation for those who are not familiar with it. We are not finished yet, but we have started writing about how to use Skype to collaborate and to keep contact with other classes, students and persons. We also started writing on how blogs also can be helpful to collaborate with others when writing texts. Here are some extract from what we wrote:

How to use Skype to collaborate with individuals or different classes.  The program is smart to use and make it easy to keep in touch with friends, classmates or people all over the world. You can also use Skype in school settings to collaborate with other classes.  On Skype you can call somebody and as well have a video-call so you can see the person or persons you are talking to. Another good thing is that it’s totally free to use and with unlimited edition.

Another way to collaborate with other individuals is to write on a blog or read blogs. By writing blogs you can write texts and get comments on perhaps how you could improve your writing. It´s also easy to share thoughts with others, and see if they have something to add or if the agree with you.

We are also going to write more about other different ways to collaborate in the next classes. 


  1. Do you use Skype at your school?

  2. Thanks for comment! :)

    Yes, we sometimes use Skype!

  3. Nice post about Twitter Skype and blogger. All useful tools in the classroom!